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    Introducing EvidencePhotos
    We make your evidence photos more secure
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    Secure your evidence photos
    Take your evidence photos with your own device
    and send them securely to the cloud
    without keeping any local copies.
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    Over 10,000 evidence photos captured
    Built to securely share your evidence
    photos with your department.

Capture any time

No need for special devices, use your own iOS or Android phone.

Take us everywhere

Your phone is with you all the time, never miss an important piece of evidence.

Capture your notes

Add notes to your evidence photos for easier discovery later.

EvidencePhotos Features

Capture photos quickly

Quickly capture and store your evidence photos in the cloud.

Lots of details

You get to provide the important information to go along with your photos.

Works on all your devices

We've taken extra time and care to make sure EvidencePhotos will work on all iOS and Android devices.


You get to decide how your photos are shared with your department.

Time Savings

EvidencePhotos saves you time saving, deleting, sending your photos to your teammates.

Data Geeks

Since we're data geeks we're collecting all sorts of aggregate data on photos and keywords. More to come.


Below are some fun stats on photos taken with this service. More metrics are available on the EvidencePhotos Metrics page.


Photos taken

Taking and sharing evidence photos has never been easier. What are you waiting for?

If you can snap a picture with your phone,
you can share your evidence
with your team.

- EvidencePhotos -


Through our limited early access period we've already been encouraged to hear what people have had to say about EvidencePhotos. We'd love to hear your feedback too.

We used EvidencePhotos on a recent case up in Northern California and found this service to come in quite handy. Oh, and we love the department sharing feature!

thumb George
Officer, NCAL

I was sick of checking out the departmental cameras, charging them, etc. With EvidencePhotos I can take evidence photos whenever and wherever I want.

thumb Luke
Officer, BPD